Vinoteca project launch

Barrels in front of a wall

Losing sight of each other is not a loss. Getting to know, getting to recognise. Is an encounter a device for recording sensual aesthetics, a corporeal storage medium? Is the inherent a capsule of collected and holistic perceptions?

A spatial cloud as an invisible imprint. Properties in present space and properties in personal creation. In the fleeting moment, we see the common as a condition for the evolving. We see authenticity in the familiar unfamiliar, when what is there is simply there. A natural performance as a non-constructed coincidence.

In mutual trust, we are looking forward to something lasting.

We started a new project evolving around a winery and it’s taste spaces. Very excited where this will lead us.

Posted February 14th 2024


people reading a poem on glass

In a shifting ornament of light dapples their tact resembles a deliberate choreography. Their movement traces the flavour of the air. My contemplation, silently answered by nonchalant nuances. Shadow bath, sparkling dance, shifting mind.

Sensually experienced. Spatially packaged. Spatially conceived. Sensually experienced. Remaining in flux: Flipperkasten.

Our Exhibition Im Wandel der Neigung at ITO Stuttgart is now over. Many Thanks to all visitors and supporters.

Posted January 12th 2024

Im Wandel der Neigung

Physically to be experienced is an installation as artistic research on the composition of Japanese gardens. The act of walking as a critical spatial practice forms its basis. Implicit is deciphered, void becomes mass, space is disassembled and reassembled.

Wandel is german for change, but also for a kind of stroll. Neigung on the one hand describes a sloping ground. On the other hand, it stands for a personal inclination.

Im Wandel der Neigung will be on display from October 20th 2023 to January 12th 2024. Please visit our exhibition at ITO, Stuttgart and enjoy a cup of tea with Peter. Reservation is recommended. The exhibition is supported by Stadt Stuttgart. More information here.

Posted October 4th 2023

Thoughts on Kamiyama

At the morning hour we set out. We feel rain tickling. We hear bamboo sprouting. A net of threads envelops us. There is curry on Monday noon. Human as natural. Natural opening up new habitats. From thread to the path of stone and moss. We set out and are back by noon.

Posted August 10th 2023

Hello, World

Our website is in the making and will be updated with additional content soon. Until then, we will inform you about our stance, approach and activities through this Journal. Please stay in touch.

We are delighted to work with Limited Inc as designers of our CI and its implementation on various media, including this website. In addition, Hannes Herold supports with conceptual considerations as well as the elaboration of the web design. Thank you all.

Posted June 22nd 2023